I am Me

I posted this on Fetlife a year ago, I’m again reflecting on it.

I’ve come to realize that I’ve been hiding for a long time. I’ve also come to the realization that I cannot change, nor do I want to change who I am. I’ve had friends throughout the years, who never really knew me, or if they did get passed my elusiveness, they would always say, something isn’t quite right. They don’t know what, but they know it’s not me. Well, guess what? I’ve not been true to them or to myself. This is the part of me they have never seen, the part that always stayed hidden. I will not hide myself any longer. Yes there are certain people who will not know, or understand, but I’m beginning to weed them out.

I am a Sadistic Dominant.

In the end, I will be me, and I will be proud of who I am.

Hello world!

This is the Website for the Sanctum House. Things will be changing. Layouts will be tweaked, changed, colors to make your eyes bleed, and even virtual spankings. I’m not responsible if it doesn’t look right on your device, web browser, or if your kitten dies.

Violence without anger and pain without fear.